Monday, August 12, 2019

My previous personal statement needs to be rewritten a bit and there Essay

My previous personal statement needs to be rewritten a bit and there are some things that should be added to it - Essay Example I am particularly interested in integrating my knowledge of the Russian-speaking world with my studies, as Russia is one of the worlds most exciting emerging markets. I am enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge in the current affairs, more so in the context of business and economy. In several occasions I try my level best to secure some little time off my academics and just read some periodic publications such as The Economist. Steve Jobs, the Apple Inc. co-founder, is one person that has greatly shaped my business perspective and attitude towards life. After reading his story in one of the Economist publications, I have come to develop an interest of reading biographies, autobiographies, and stories about remarkable innovators and business leaders of our time. The time I have spent reading through these publication has been beneficial as it has served to complement the theoretical knowledge acquired in class. For instance, I was fascinated when a story about the current dispute involving Tesco’s and Sainsbury over price comparison promotions. This dispute helped me appreciate the role of ethics in business operations. Other activities that I enjoy doing are mingling with people and just get to understand their perspective about various issues in life. I love sports such as football and skiing. Engaging in these activities have not only taught me the beauty of hard work, perseverance, and practice, but have also taught me how to work within a team as well as lead a team. Knowledge and experience are two things I most treasure in career advancement. It is because of this reason that I am currently furthering my studies to at least bolster my understanding of various issues in business. Previously, I have worked at Technoservice, Moscow, alongside strategists who at that time were investigating ideas on how to introduce off patent car

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